Businesses, while on one hand managing risks, need to ensure sustainable growth on the other; increasing revenues and profits. Development of business models and management of organizations, processes and operations to achieve this is a necessity.

As RMC, we implement innovative business models in revenue management, rather than conventional approaches. At top of the list are Revenue Management, Revenue Assurance Management, Customer Lifetime Value, Geographical Information System based Management, Customer Credibility and Risk Based Management models.

Our business models contribute to sustainable growth, increased revenue and profitability in businesses.

Revenue Management


A dynamic model of management to ensure the offering of right products to right customers, with the right bundle and price, on right time, with an analytical focus. Developed in aviation and tourism sectors, this system is now practiced widely in telco, energy and retail sectors as well.

Customer Lifetime Value

Financial value of the customers, starting from the first contact until the voluntary or involuntary (due to loss of economic value) ending of their relationship with the business In other words, sum of all the past, present and future financial gains from a customer.

Revenue Assurance

A business model supported by IT systems, ensuring that all services and products are offered on right time and with right profit margins, rated and invoiced correctly.

Sales, Marketing, Investment and Operation Management Based on Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information System is a package of solutions developed to assistt businesses in making location based decisions to solve financial and operational problems.

In the business model RMC offers, geographical information system is designed in a way to affect financial results in energy and telco sectors; especially with regards to inventory and asset management, sales, marketing, maintenance, rating, billing, activation/ deactivation, leakage loss management and legal follow-up of receivables.

Revenue Management based on Customer Credibility and Risk

In today’s highly competitive environment, telco businesses tend to lean on aggressive sales and marketing activities, such as handset campaigns, which are good for attracting customers but have their risky aspects.

Acquisition or retention of the free consumers is the most important item of agenda in energy businesses. Regulations, increasing competition and customer expectations make it mandatory to develop innovative strategies and practices. That is why it has become vitally important for businesses to get to know their potential customers much better, as well as current ones. Customer credibility and risk management is not only at top of the business models for collection management but also for sales and marketing activities.

Management Based on Big Data and Analytics

This model assists in getting to know current and potential customers, discovering resources to motivate them, improve communication, add value and build long-term relationships. As this approach becomes the most important element in your business’s management culture and decision-making mechanism, it will be bringing along a strategic superiority over your competitors.

Our consultancy services

  • Revenue Management
  • Revenue Assurance Management
  • GIS based Sales and Marketing Management
  • Fider and Transformer Based Revenue Management
  • Financial Business Intelligence based Decision Support System
  • Customer Credibility and Risk Based Revenue Management